Introduction to Civil Engineering


CODE: CVE 2013 

Number of credits: 2 (2-0-0) 

Number of periods: Total: 30 periods

Applied for the training program:

- Compulsory course for branch: Kỹ thuật xây dựng (gồm các chuyên ngành: Xây dựng, Giao thông, Địa kỹ thuật, Công trình thuỷ), Quản lý xây dựng, Kỹ thuật tài nguyên nước. 

Evaluation methods

Course binding conditions: 

Course summary content:  

The course provides students with the concepts of analysis and design in civil engineering; the basics of measurement and units as well as the expression of numbers in engineering; knowledge of descriptive statistics and computer tools such as graphing and electronic spreadsheets for studying and practicing engineering. In addition to the theoretical parts, practical projects and practical exercises will help students approach the field of study. 

Textbook and reference materials: Introduction to Engineering, Custom Pearson Book 


Output standards of the course:   

Class (64CNK1) (04/9-31/12/23): on Wednesday, Room1- K1 from 8h50 - 10h35 (3,4)

Class 64CNK2 (04/9-31/12/23): on Wednesday, Room2- K1 from 10h40 - 12h25 (5,6)